Ron Craig: the devil is the spiritual father of all of those who are not born again!

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

These articles began by discussing whether or not God is actively involved in solving the world’s many problems. Those who are asking that question actually sidestep the real issue, which is identifying what the world’s problems are. How can we understand God’s level of participation in solving human […]

Bro. Ron Craig: No one was willing to admit they could be wrong

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

In the historical event known as the Reformation, wars were fought between Roman Catholics and Protestants for many decades—vicious, bloody wars! The problems were major doctrinal differences, and the age-old practice of saving face—no one on either side being willing to admit they just could be wrong about […]

Bro. Ron Craig: Why is the church not doing what Christ commanded?

Author and Pastor Ron CraigBro

In light of the many Scripture passages, we have provided in these lessons, an even more appropriate question for us to ask than, “Why is God not solving the world’s problems?” is “Why is the church as a whole not doing what Christ commanded us to do?” Especially since […]

Author and Pastor Ron Craig: Signs will follow

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Notice that in Mark 16:17, the Lord promised that (supernatural) signs will accompany believing ones, BECAUSE JESUS WILL BE WITH US BELIEVING ONES until the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20). Notice as well that those signs are to accompany believers, not only the original twelve apostles. […]

Rev. Ron Craig: All the World’s Problems Stem from Rebellion

Reverend and Author Ron Craig

God gave mankind a free will because He wants to be willingly worshipped by willing creatures, not by robots, which would have no choice. (Look at John 4:23-24.) That decision on God’s part made it not only possible but practically inevitable, that some of His creatures would […]

Ron Craig: Enemy still seeking someone to devour

Reverend Ron Craig

Just a casual observation of world events makes it obvious that God is not forcing His will (as expressed in the Bible) on anyone in the world. It is obvious as well that Satan is attempting to force his will on the population of this entire planet. But remember that the […]

Ron Craig: The devil is not going to volunteer to stop stealing, killing, and destroying

Reverend Ron Craig

The foundational biblical answer to the concern about the part God plays in world issues today is that, He has already done ALL He is going to do about the devil until the end of this age. Hebrews 2:14 says that through His death Jesus rendered ineffective (the literal Greek) […]