The Book of Daniel is concerned with world events

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

The book of Daniel is expanded in the book of Revelation. Revelation cannot be understood without a working knowledge of Daniel’s original revelation, and Daniel is incomplete without the apostle John’s completion of that vision in the book of Revelation. Moreover, both books must be taken together […]

We must do our part to receive the benefits

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

While I do not want to be too repetitive, still, although I have covered some subjects in past articles, I do not remember in which articles such issues were covered; nor do I remember all of the details of the issues I dealt with in those articles; […]

CRAIG: The weapons of our warfare are not carnal 

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Let us consider the actual predicament of the human race. The creation of Adam and Eve was miraculous. From dirt to man, and from part of the man a woman. A spirit being, the devil (fallen Lucifer) lured those two into rebellion against God. Their rebellion sprang […]

CRAIG: God was in Christ and Still Is!!!

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

You who have followed these articles consistently may remember how they started out. The first one was based on the question of where God is in all the turmoil in this fallen world. You will likely also remember the Bible answer to that question—Exactly where He said […]

Walk by Faith not by Sight

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

We Christians walk by faith, not by sight. So said Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:7. Well, what did Paul mean by that? Let us break that passage down into its components. WE obviously refers to us believers; we who have been born again—Bonafide Christians, not mere […]

Craig: We too are the seed of Abraham

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Do you see yourself in God’s Word? Does it seem that the Bible is in one world and you are in another? Do you have a desire to experience the good stuff you read in that Book, but question if you have the right qualifications to gain […]

Ron Craig: Interpretation of God’s Word continued

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Most modern church members have evidently become accustomed to the universal practice of interpreting the Scriptures, and that with greatly varying interpretations; and have never thought about the fact that the Bible itself outright forbids such. Even I do not recall ever hearing anyone suggest, or […]

Craig: The Creator became a man

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Yes, still on church equipment. As has already been established, both the Gospel and the Holy Sprit are the supernatural equipment God has invested in the church for the purpose of getting supernatural solutions to supernatural problems—which all problems actually are! “We wrestle not with flesh and […]

Craig: All human problems have been solved by His sacrifice

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

We are still on the subject of equipment, as related to the church. Just hold on as I lay out God’s ingenious redemption plan for providing real solutions to the problems facing the human race. First of all, God is the Creator. He is the miracle-working God, […]

Ron Craig: Many claim Christianity is outdated

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

The calendar does not dominate my messages. The Lord shows me what to teach in my books, in our meetings and in these articles. So this week, this is what I was led to write. Many in our day claim Christianity is outdated. Since we […]

Ron Craig: In All These Things We More Than Conquer

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

I have heard preacher after preacher pray to God to give them a strategy which will address and solve at least some of the social and other problems in their communities. Those preachers ought to use the strategy God has already given us—Preach the Word […]

Ron Craig: One who created us can deliver us

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Although not everyone is ignorant of the Bible principle I laid down in the previous lesson, many may not have ever thought about it in that light. Since human problems basically stem from flaws resident in the human spirit and mind, inherited from Adam through his rebellion […]

Ron Craig: Evil eventually manifests itself on the outside 

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

How on earth can the church solve the world’s problems? It is doable! You see, since most of this planet’s problems originate on the inside of fallen human beings, the solution to world problems is to administer a positive change on the inside of those tainted human […]

Author Ron Craig: World cannot give what it does not possess

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

To adequately get across the primary message of these articles, I present to you these additional pertinent Scripture passages. If we are to solve any of the world’s problems, we must first identify the problem areas, and then determine if any possible solutions have been provided. Then, […]

Ron Craig: the devil is the spiritual father of all of those who are not born again!

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

These articles began by discussing whether or not God is actively involved in solving the world’s many problems. Those who are asking that question actually sidestep the real issue, which is identifying what the world’s problems are. How can we understand God’s level of participation in solving […]

Bro. Ron Craig: No one was willing to admit they could be wrong

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

In the historical event known as the Reformation, wars were fought between Roman Catholics and Protestants for many decades—vicious, bloody wars! The problems were major doctrinal differences, and the age-old practice of saving face—no one on either side being willing to admit they just could be wrong […]

Bro. Ron Craig: Why is the church not doing what Christ commanded?

Author and Pastor Ron CraigBro

In light of the many Scripture passages, we have provided in these lessons, an even more appropriate question for us to ask than, “Why is God not solving the world’s problems?” is “Why is the church as a whole not doing what Christ commanded us to do?” Especially […]

Author and Pastor Ron Craig: Signs will follow

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Notice that in Mark 16:17, the Lord promised that (supernatural) signs will accompany believing ones, BECAUSE JESUS WILL BE WITH US BELIEVING ONES until the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20). Notice as well that those signs are to accompany believers, not only the original twelve […]

Rev. Ron Craig: All the World’s Problems Stem from Rebellion

Reverend and Author Ron Craig

God gave mankind a free will because He wants to be willingly worshipped by willing creatures, not by robots, which would have no choice. (Look at John 4:23-24.) That decision on God’s part made it not only possible but practically inevitable, that some of His creatures […]

Ron Craig: Enemy still seeking someone to devour

Reverend Ron Craig

Just a casual observation of world events makes it obvious that God is not forcing His will (as expressed in the Bible) on anyone in the world. It is obvious as well that Satan is attempting to force his will on the population of this entire planet. But remember that […]