The Book of Daniel is concerned with world events

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

The book of Daniel is expanded in the book of Revelation. Revelation cannot be understood without a working knowledge of Daniel’s original revelation, and Daniel is incomplete without the apostle John’s completion of that vision in the book of Revelation. Moreover, both books must be taken together as one and the same revelationhaving only ONE interpretation, although the book of Revelation does have extra details. Otherwise, people will get confused about end-time events. Of course, other pieces of that future puzzle reside in the book of Zechariah, three of the Gospels, and some of the apostle Paul’s epistles. Still, all the pieces fit the same end-time puzzle, and have only ONE interpretation. Theologians are generally confused about end-time events, as well as about many other thingsbut God’s Word is not confused about any events, past, present or future. Beware of the many contradictory end-time interpretations.

  If you remember, the essence of these articles is to reveal scripturally where God is located, and what He is doing during the many upheavals of these last days. The book of Daniel is primarily concerned with world events beginning in Daniel’s day, and continuing down to the last of the last days of this age. Then, the book of Revelation provides additional details of the same events right down through the Millennium and creation of the New Heavens and the New Earth.
     Moreover, the books of Daniel and Revelation narrow down world history to the conflict between God’s people, Israel, and the Gentile nations, that through history have harassed Israel. The church age is sandwiched between Daniel’s 69th and 70th weeks (or periods of sevens). Extra explanatory details appear in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah, three Gospels, and some of Paul’s writings.


     In the cases of certain Bible books, either a word, phrase or sentence is key to a proper understanding of the book. Such keys are found in Daniel. One is in 8:17, where Gabriel informed Daniel that his vision referred to the time of the end. And in 9:24 the angel Gabriel told Daniel that seventy sevens (a total of 490 years) are determined FOR YOUR (Daniel’s) PEOPLE (Israel) AND YOUR CITY (Jerusalem). So Daniel’s visions concerned not the church, but the people of Israel—the Jews. Again in 10:14, Gabriel said that those prophesied events would happen to your (Daniel’s) people in the latter days. And remember too that your (Daniel’s) city (Jerusalem) will be the center of the last days activities. Not New York, Tokyo or Moscow. Avoid unbiblical interpretations of end-times.

     In 12:9, the angel said the prophecies were sealed until the time of the end. In Revelation 22:10, John was told to not seal the prophecies, for the time had come for them to be activated. Thus, our biblical end-time study has begun. 

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