Rev. Ron Craig: All the World’s Problems Stem from Rebellion

Reverend and Author Ron Craig

God gave mankind a free will because He wants to be willingly worshipped by willing creatures, not by robots, which would have no choice. (Look at John 4:23-24.) That decision on God’s part made it not only possible but practically inevitable, that some of His creatures would […]

Bro. Ron Craig: “With Signs Following”

Reverend Ron Craig

Notice that in Matthew 28:20, Jesus promised to be with His followers all the days (literal Greek) all the way to the end of this age (which is not over yet). That has to mean that whatever He both commanded them and promised them should continue (as far as Christ was […]

Ron Craig: Continue the supernatural ministry

Reverend Ron Craig

The best way to understand why God is not personally righting wrongs and fixing the world’s problems today is to realize that He has commissioned others to do those things. To discover what may, or may not, be done regarding world problems, we must consider our Savior’s last words to […]

Ron Craig: Enemy still seeking someone to devour

Reverend Ron Craig

Just a casual observation of world events makes it obvious that God is not forcing His will (as expressed in the Bible) on anyone in the world. It is obvious as well that Satan is attempting to force his will on the population of this entire planet. But remember that the […]

Ron Craig: The devil is not going to volunteer to stop stealing, killing, and destroying

Reverend Ron Craig

The foundational biblical answer to the concern about the part God plays in world issues today is that, He has already done ALL He is going to do about the devil until the end of this age. Hebrews 2:14 says that through His death Jesus rendered ineffective (the literal Greek) […]