Ron Craig: the devil is the spiritual father of all of those who are not born again!

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

These articles began by discussing whether or not God is actively involved in solving the world’s many problems. Those who are asking that question actually sidestep the real issue, which is identifying what the world’s problems are. How can we understand God’s level of participation in solving human problemsif we ourselves are unable to understand what those human problems really are. If we cannot accurately locate those human difficulties, we cannot know if there are any solutions; and we certainly will not know how to administer any solutions. Of course, some will say it is easy to understand problems in the world system: Poverty, sickness, pain, violence, people taking advantage of other people. And, not only mistreatment of people by other people, but natural disasters as well. One problem after another. No, let up. What can we do? Is there no help?

     Well, let us begin by addressing the bad people issue. That was the biggest problem Jesus Christ addressed in His sacrifice on the cross! In fact, the Lord’s sacrifice addressed not only the bad attitudes and actions of some but of all of us. According to the Bible, fallen human nature is the primary source of every human problem. It starts on the inside of people. Therefore, the divine solution to that human problem was to destroy the evil nature residing on the inside of every human being in Adam’s fallen race. Sinful people have to be “born again” on the inside. When a person repents (that is, makes a 180-degree about-face), and accepts Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior, that person becomes a brand new creature in Christ—2 Corinthians 5:17. Nobody who is born again wants to steal, kill or hurt anyone else. That sort of thing is done by the devil’s kids. Yes, the devil is the spiritual father of all of those who are not born again! Therefore, helping people get born again and becoming new creatures in Christ is the primary solution to some major world problems. And God is the One Who provided that worldproblemsolution through Christ’s sacrifice. And the church is the only God-approved entity to administer that solution. It is made available through the Holy-Spirit-anointed preaching of the Bible Gospel. More next time.
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