Those ten kings under the Antichrist will hate the whore, and will destroy her (Revelation 17:16). Why would they do such? Revelation 17:17 tells us that God will put it in their hearts to fulfill His will concerning His judgments in the last days. Well, God has an agenda, and the devil has […]

Some clarity concerning end-time prophecy

In this article, I want to expose one example of the wild interpretations of the supposed last-days teaching experts. A well-respected teacher on the radio just recently repeated a grossly erroneous speculation on that woman and the beast John saw in chapter seventeen.

In Revelation 17:9, the angel explained to John that […]

Religion is manmade with the devil’s help

We have covered sixteen out of twenty-two chapters in Revelation, but some of the most interesting and controversial material lies in the last six chapters of the book. You will soon read exactly what I mean. Revelation 17:1-18 describes the universal religious system of this evil age. The angel described and defined to […]


The third of the last seven judgment bowls full of God’s wrath will be poured out on rivers and springs, turning them into blood, just as that second bowl was emptied into the oceans, turning them into blood. But this time the angel communicated the reason for the blood-plagues. Ever since the fall […]


Revelation 14:14-20 portrays the battle of Armageddon two different ways: First the ripe harvest—sinners fully ripe for judgment, like wheat in a field. The second account of Armageddon describes that battle as the treading of grapes in a winepress, revealing that in that final battle of this evil age the carnage will be […]


The rest of Revelation chapter thirteen is controversial as well, but understandable to all who are willing to study to understand it. The second beast, the Antichrist’s false prophet, exercises all of the authority of that first beast—the Antichrist—and uses it to pressure the world’s entire population (now over 7,000,000,000 people) to worship […]

No one is authorized to make the Bible say whatever they want it to say

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Thus from last week…2000 years ago there was no man-child which was caught up to heaven. Jesus (Who was not that man-child) was instead crucified, then raised from the dead, then remained on the earth, further instructing His disciples for a total of 40 days before ascending […]

The Anti-Christ Kingdom

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Each of the seven hostile Gentile kingdoms was ruled by one of the fallen angels, who ruled under the dragon—Satan. The beast (angel) who comes out of the abyss will be one of the angelic rulers over a past kingdom, which will be revived in the last […]

The Devil uses human tendency

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

The next insert comprises three chapters—12-14. Chapter twelve is one of the most played with and misunderstood portions of the book of Revelation. First of all, the first sign that John saw appeared in heaven. It appeared in John’s heavenly vision, but the action will occur on […]


Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Revelation chapter ten is part of another insert between trumpet six and seven. The angel had a little OPEN SCROLL in his hand (had to be the one Jesus opened, one seal at a time), and John was told to eat it—revelation knowledge—which John wrote about in […]

The sun, moon and stars will be darkened

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Moving right along on that Revelation road: Before that seventh seal is opened, we find this inserted material in chapter seven. Revelation 7:1-8 says that 144,000 newly converted Jews will be sealed on their forehead before those judgment angels pour out more misery on the Antichrist’s kingdom. […]


Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Now, gore galore: Most people want to get into the gory details of Revelation, so let us jump right in. As the previous lesson points out, the book of Revelation in not just a bunch of symbols, but history revealed before it actually transpires. And, Revelation tells […]

People become blind to Bible truth

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

More gore: Not just at the hand of the Antichrist, but at the hand of the Judge, God Almighty. In Genesis, when the Creator saw that humankind had become corrupt, and had filled the earth with violence, He initiated another kind of violence. With a flood He […]

Book of Revelation is NOT a publication of mysterious, symbolic gobbledy-gook

Dozens of times in the Book of Ezekiel God said, “Then you will know that I am the Lord.” Those statements almost always pointed to some divine activity concerning last days events. When I have My final say, God was saying, then you will know that those things I promised throughout history have […]

Scripture says the sun will scorch men with extreme heat

Now back to the disturbing details of Daniel and Revelation. We have to be living in the last days of this evil age, for the evidence keeps piling up. For one thing, Israel is a nation again. One recent buzz is the Jews planning to rebuild the temple. That is a big no-no […]

It’s all about God! Well, is it?

You may have heard the cliche, “It is all about God!” Well, is it? On the other hand, the evolutionists claim it is all about nature and evolution; with man now at the top of the food chain. Then, the multitudes who suffer daily and believe there is a devil likely believe the […]

Who’s in control of earthly events?

Is God in FULL CONTROL of history; or is He in PARTIAL CONTROL; or completely OUT OF CONTROL. I believe our lessons have proven that history has not slipped out of God’s hands. Neither is Deity behind every historical event. There are other players. Let us look at some Scripture passages that will dissolve […]

Making Sense of End Time Events

These weekly articles are putting together appropriate Scriptures that make sense of the seemingly non–understandable end–time events. However, just studying the facts about end-time events will not mean much to believers, unless the facts are connected to the overall Scripture picture of God’s overall plan for creation. Thus, these articles contain vital Bible […]


If God is in total control of every thought, word and action of every creature on this planet, then He is either an incompetent ruler or a despicable tyrant. Of course, John Calvin thought it was due to the wonderful counsel of God that some human beings had been chosen by God to […]

The devil is a liar

The overall Scripture picture does not picture God as having preplanned everything that occurs in history. However, He has planned that everything will eventually fit into His overall plan when it is all over. He created every creature to function a certain way, and that way is the only way it will function […]