Rev. Ron Craig: All the World’s Problems Stem from Rebellion

Reverend and Author Ron Craig

 God gave mankind a free will because He wants to be willingly worshipped by willing creatures, not by robots, which would have no choice. (Look at John 4:23-24.) That decision on God’s part made it not only possible but practically inevitable, that some of His creatures would rebel against His plan for creation; which happened from early days, and continues to happen, and will do so until Christ terminates this evil age, and sets up His eternal Kingdom on this planet. God has given all of His creatures ample warning of negative consequences for rebellion, but He will not violate their free will. All the world’s problems stem from rebellion! 

God did something to restrict the evil powers behind rebellion, although how far those divine restrictions go is limited to that original free will on the part of both the devil and his captives. God forces deliverance on no one, but has made deliverance available through the church. People must desire to be set free, then take advantage of that freedom-producing power. Moreover,  people who have been given such power need to be aware of it, and be willing to minister that divine freedom. Therefore, both people who have problems and those who have solutions determine whether any problems get solvedMany had rather put up with problems than get them solved God’s wayby accepting what Christ did for them on the cross. However, a major problem with many who have problems, and causing problemsis thatthey know not that there is a solution to their problems. That is where solution-holders come into view. Apparently, most church members today have little or no confidence that either world problems or their own problems can be solved this side of heaven. That negates the Lord’s sacrifice. We MUST learn what our Savior accomplished on the cross, which affects different kinds of circumstances during this age, and then have the guts to apply what we have learned to solve our own problems, and at least some of the world’s problemsOur problem-solving reach is determined by our knowledge of our problem-solving powers in Christour willingness to use that divine powerand the extent of our own circle of influence. More vital information next time!  
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