The watchmen were not watching

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Jesus, Paul and others made it clear that the world during this evil age will always be contrary to God and His Word—The entire Bible, and especially the Gospel message of what Jesus Christ did on the cross. And the devil’s attacks will not be […]

God is not affected by time

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

There is a reason for these articles—A God-approved reason—A Bible-based reason. For one thing, the church must come to realize that God is not affected by time. What unreasonable reasoning to think that God has gotten old and senile, and is no longer relevant in modern […]

CRAIG: The weapons of our warfare are not carnal 

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Let us consider the actual predicament of the human race. The creation of Adam and Eve was miraculous. From dirt to man, and from part of the man a woman. A spirit being, the devil (fallen Lucifer) lured those two into rebellion against God. Their rebellion sprang […]

CRAIG: God was in Christ and Still Is!!!

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

You who have followed these articles consistently may remember how they started out. The first one was based on the question of where God is in all the turmoil in this fallen world. You will likely also remember the Bible answer to that question—Exactly where He said […]

Our old sinful nature has been rendered ineffective

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Forgiveness of sins, yes! But, much more than that! Change of nature—our nature! Theologians have thrown us a curve on that issue (plus a lot of other issues as well). I will deal with some of those other most important biblical issues later on. The amount […]

God’s written word is His last will and testament

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Last time I mentioned that God’s will is for our benefit. To receive, and enjoy, divine benefits, then, we must look into God’s will to find out what those benefits are. But, which Bible interpretation accurately expresses God’s will and its benefits for believers? Remember, I have […]

Ron Craig: Interpretation of God’s Word continued

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Most modern church members have evidently become accustomed to the universal practice of interpreting the Scriptures, and that with greatly varying interpretations; and have never thought about the fact that the Bible itself outright forbids such. Even I do not recall ever hearing anyone suggest, or […]

Pastor Ron Craig: Those that pervert the Gospel message are accursed

Author and Pastor Ron Craig

If what is being taught and practiced in much of the modern church is in any way different from what Jesus and the early church taught and practiced, why is that so, and when did it begin to take place? Who had the audacity to tamper with […]

Bro. Ron Craig: “With Signs Following”

Reverend Ron Craig

Notice that in Matthew 28:20, Jesus promised to be with His followers all the days (literal Greek) all the way to the end of this age (which is not over yet). That has to mean that whatever He both commanded them and promised them should continue (as far as Christ […]