The watchmen were not watching


Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Jesus, Paul and others made it clear that the world during this evil age will always be contrary to God and His Word—The entire Bible, and especially the Gospel message of what Jesus Christ did on the cross. And the devil’s attacks will not be confined to the world out there. Satan has infiltrated the church in general as pointed out in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, 2 Peter 2:1, Jude 4, etc., etc.

Thus, if that was happening back then it is happening today. Paul said that the ministers of Satan transform themselves as ministers of righteousness. Which necessarily means that they are not easily detected (unless you are very familiar with the Word of God). Jude said those men had crept in stealthily. They came in undetected. They put on a false front, and now they actually feast with you! How did they come in undetected? The watchmen were not watching. Pastors and other church leaders must be on the alert for impostors, being responsible for the believers in their congregations. Be sure to read James 3:1.

 However, I need to point out as well that some Gospel ministers are counted as impostors just because they do not agree with all the doctrines of a certain church or denomination. Many theologians, pastors and other religious leaders set themselves up as the doctrinal standard, and measure everybody else by what they themselves believe. Everything contrary to their accepted doctrines is automatically rejected. But, my friend, God’s Word is THE STANDARD. Nobody has the right or authority to interpret God’s Word to make it seem to agree with their doctrines, no matter how precious they consider their own theology.
     I have learned that most church members have a fear of getting into heresy, and do not think about the possibility that they could already be holding onto some heresy. And yet, the doctrines of different denominations often contradict those of other denominations. They cannot all be correctSo, someone is missing it. But, the answer is not to compare denominations with other denominations, but to compare what you believe, and all denominations believe, with the Bible.
     Dare to consider this. If I am afraid to test what I believe by the Bible, then I betray a secret fear that I might be wrong after all. True confidence comes from my knowing that I know that I know, because I study to show myself approved by God, not by man—no matter how many theological degrees the man has after his name. No theologian will stand with you at the Judgment Seat of Christ. So, if you cannot trust theologians thenhow can you trust them now? You better get real familiar with God’s Word for yourself. Your eternity depends on it! 
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