Bro. Ron Craig: “With Signs Following”

Reverend Ron Craig

Notice that in Matthew 28:20, Jesus promised to be with His followers all the days (literal Greek) all the way to the end of this age (which is not over yet). That has to mean that whatever He both commanded them and promised them should continue (as far as Christ was concerned) until His Second Coming. And, Mark 16:15-20 reinforces His command, (“Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.”), as well as His promise to be personally with them, as they obeyed His command, (“They went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word with [supernatural] signs following.”) What were some of those signs?

Casting out demons (which today would help solve many world problems), and healing the sick (supernaturally; which would remedy a major portion of mankind’s painful problems).
If the reader can just lay aside all theological speculation, we can reach a biblical conclusion. Writings known as The Early Church Fathers reveal that, the very same supernatural ministry Jesus started continued through certain groups of believers into the fourth century. Subsequent church history proves that different groups of believers down to this day have believed and practiced what Jesus Christ commanded back then, and have obtained the same results. One book I recommend other than my own is 2000 YEARS OF CHARISMATIC CHRISTIANITY, authored by Eddie Hyatt, and published by Charisma House. Dare to get a copy and read it. All of my books too! Each is well worth the price.
It is obvious, then, that God expects believing believers to remedy some of the world’s problems. Which problems, and how many of them, to be discussed later. Also, I challenge anyone to provide one Scripture that suggests the Lord’s commands and promises were supposed to be limited in scope and time. When did either of them change? Might we need to rethink some of our theology?

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