Only people who are loyal to Jesus Christ are destined to win

For instance, 2 Peter 3 and Jude 14-15. But, I need to say here that the book of Revelation is more about the REAL Christ than it is about the antichrist. Nevertheless, because our current study has to do with the antichrist, we will focus on him, his futile attempt to take over the world and destroy all mankind, and finally his demise.      I also need to say right here that the world system becoming more and more corrupt by the day is obviously preparing itself for the arrival of the antichrist. The political systems of most nations today are destroying any and all laws that promote any kind of decency. Everything that has been evaluated as sacred by most of the citizens of at least most Western societies for centuries is now being perverted if not outright destroyed. Remember that Satan’s primary purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. And the antichrist will be his primary instrument in carrying out that sadistic agendaThe value of human life is being devalued as never before, even in Western culture. From the unborn to the aged, people’s lives mean little or nothing in the eyes of more and more political figures today. Thus, this world is ripening for the appearance of the antichrist. People do not easily change overnight, so it should be obvious that the devil is setting up this world’s population for acceptance of a man fully possessed by the devil himself. Of course, neither the antichrist nor Satan can win any contest with the Almighty. That means people who fall for the deceit of either the devil or the antichrist have no bright future. Satan’s pawns will go down with him!       Daniel 7:25 actually prophesies that the antichrist will seek to change laws, and customs. Therefore, today’s world ought not be surprised at such changes. Multitudes of politicians engaging in that ungodly activity now is evidence that the population of this planet is being prepared to accept the antichrist when he shows up. The church is the Restrainer of the antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:6-8), holding him back from coming on the scene until this world is ripe and ready for his short sevenyear career. When the restraining force is removed from this planet, there will be nothing on earth to prevent that man of sin from coming to the forefront in the military, politics, finances, and every other fabric of society. But we can read the end of the book of Revelation, and be assured that Satan, the antichrist, and all his deceived dupes are destined to lose. Only people who are loyal to Jesus Christ are destined to win; even in the end-times. 
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