No trial for Satan in the end

 A millennium is a 1000-year period of time. Between the Second Coming of Jesus which will end this evil age and the creation of the New Heaven and New Earth, that time of universal peace on earth will be sandwiched in. It will be the same terrestrial globe we are now living on before it is renovated, but it will not be in the same condition as now; for the curse will be lifted. Which means there will be no sickness, poverty, pain or untimely death during that time—for those who do not rebel. But, the fact that we resurrected saints under Christ will rule with a “rod of iron” those survivors of the Battle of Armageddon implies that some during that thousand-year slice of eternity will not right-up-front willingly fit in with the absolute rule of that Total Theocracy—God rule.

There will be no appeals courts for offenders. Instant justice! Obviously, many will not like that, although that will be a time of universal peace. No one will have to fear walking in the dark at night, for no theft, rape or murder will be allowed. Yet, obviously forgetting all the many blessings provided during that time period, when given the opportunity, multitudes will join that newly-released devil (who will himself be enraged over his 1000 year confinement, being unable during that dark time to tempt angels or human beings), enlisting in his rebel army to help him make one final attempt to overthrow the very Creator of the universe. (Not smart!)     

There will be no swords brandished in that final battle, for fire coming down from the very God they will be rebelling against will devour them all (Revelation 20:9). This verse implies that that great battle will not last very long. How long it will take Satan to gather the multitudes around Jerusalem is not mentioned. But, it will not take long for God to defeat Satan’s purpose, and to demonstrate to those rebels the utter stupidity of their decision to follow God’s enemy. Their freedom from God-rule will be very short-lived. (Again, not smart on their part.)     The multitudes of Millennial residents who participate in that final rebellion will obviously make some most unwise decisions. For a little while, through the devil’s deceptions, it will seem like they are finally going to be in control of their own destiny. But a point I want to make here is that human nature is the same today. Many in the modern world continue to make choices that make no sense in light of Bible Truth. And we will all have to face that truth sooner or later!     A final Bible Truth I want to get across in today’s end-time lesson is that, in chapter 20 of Revelation, there is no trial for the devil. In verses eleven through 15, we read about the Great White Throne judgment of the resurrected sinners. Yes, the wicked will have resurrected bodies too, which will be tormented in the Lake of Fire, but will not be consumed. Suffering eternally! But, we find no trial or tribunal for the devil. John 12:31 and 16:11 tell us plainly that, the ruler of this age WAS judged and cast out. That happened through the cross-event.

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