Let’s Talk Taxes Special Edition: Let’s Talk About Identity Theft

Tax Specialist and Columnist Vicki Smith EA

Identity theft is the collection of personal information for dishonest purposes. This information includes: Your name, address, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, medical information, and children’s information. Thieves obtain the information in a variety of ways including: discarded bills, discarded […]

Q & A with Smith Tax Solutions

Tax Specialist and Columnist Vicki Smith EA

Let’s Talk Taxes Q&A:

Question: I received a notice from the IRS because I did not have the funds to pay the taxes I owed on my 2016 income tax return. I also was late in filing my tax return. Not only is the IRS demanding […]

Let’s Talk Taxes: Solace for the Non-filer

Tax Specialist and Columnist Vickie Smith EA

Has it been awhile since you filed a tax return? Feeling guilty? Scared? Don’t know what to do? Do you even need to file?

Many people become non-filers each year for a number of reasons. They lose the paperwork, they couldn’t pay, or they forgot about […]

Let’s Talk Taxes: Home Office Deduction

Tax Specialist and Columnist Vickie Smith EA

You’ve decided to start a small business working out of your home. Life is great and you can’t beat the commute. Now, how will this affect your income taxes? Can you deduct expenses for use of your home? The answer is that it depends…on a lot […]