Sometimes their expertise is not so expert after all

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

 But, what about Ezekiel 38 and 39? Daniel 11:44 is key. As the Antichrist is about to enter Jerusalem to crush it, “news from the east and the north will trouble him, and he will go out [obviously in those directions] to destroy and to annihilate many.” Well, East and North would certainly indicate China (maybe India) and Russia, so that is why at the last he will descend from the North and come back into Israel to annihilate it. That is when God will thoroughly destroy the Antichrist and His armies. 

Check out Daniel 2:40-45. In the days of the 10 kings (ten toes—five from the Eastern division of the Old Roman Empire and 5 from the Western division—some with the strength of iron and some like clay), God will set up His visible Kingdom on earth, and it will never be destroyed. In other words, neither Satan nor fallen man will ever rule on earth again. Daniel 7:7-8 speaks of that little horn—the Antichrist—and 9-14 again prophesies that God will destroy the little horn—the Antichrist—and then set up His everlasting Kingdom over all the earth. Also Daniel 7:17-27 describes that same event, but gives additional details. Once again, Daniel 8:23-25 deals with the same events that will transpire in the end-times. Daniel 11:40-45 also describes those same events, revealing once again the demise of the Antichrist. 

Strange how so many of those supposed experts on end-time prophecies are so ignorant of actual Bible Truth on that essential issue. They stumble over the number 10, insisting that it refers to the European Union, which at the present includes more than 20 states. And Russia was never part of the Roman Empire territory, so that certainly rules out Russia as the original stomping grounds of the little horn—the Antichrist. The book of Daniel identifies the actual place of origin of the Antichrist—the Middle East, not Russia—and those supposed end-times experts (with all of their studies) do not see it. So their expertise is not so expert after all. Study the Scriptures, not the theology of theologians, because it is not theology that sets people free, but God’s Word (John 8:31-32). 

      I promised to identify the only end-time teacher whom I know to get it right, that is scriptural, and now is the time. Dr. Finis Jennings Dake spent 100,000 hours on his Annotated Bible, in which he deals thoroughly with this end-time subject, just as he did with many other Bible subjects. I cannot say that I agree with everything he said on every issue, but I myself have spent lots of time over the years searching out his references on this subject. And if you really want to know the full Bible Truth regarding end-time events, then you too will have to do some searching of all the related Scripture passages on the subject. It is well-worth the effort. We have just begun this most enlightening journey.

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