Evolution is the biggest lie ever sold to humanity

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

 Before getting into those additional Scriptures about God’s use of human beings to do His deliverance projects on this planet, let us consider these alternatives suggested by outright sinners, as well as even by the members of some church denominations. 

     Maybe there is no God. Everything and everybody merely evolved, just as scientists tell us (and lambast anybody who says different). Thus, there are no actual deliverance projects. Everything happens by accident. And if there is no God, there is no devil, and therefore no judgment, and no hell. Just eat, drink and be marry, for tomorrow we die. 
    Or, perhaps God does exist, and, even though He used to be powerful, the Almighty somehow lost His almightiness sometime since Jesus was here. Or, perhaps there was no Jesus either. He was merely a legend. (Even some religious people believe that lie.)
Another possibility: God does exist, and He is still all-powerful. But, He simply does not care all that much about what happens on this planet. That would not be a matter of His power or ability, but of His character. (Who would want to malign the character of the Creator? Surely you know! The devil himself must be behind each and every one of these and many other malignant and stupid arguments made by educated people. Educated, but educated in what? EDUCATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE HONESTY.)  
     This might lose me some readers, but it might actually gain me some extra readers. The theory of evolution is the biggest lie the devil has ever sold the human race. Let me explain. Today (as in all of human history), no human being can accomplish anything without intelligent design. Cars and highways, houses and furniture, food production, preparation and preservation, etc., etc., etc., all require intelligent design! And yet, highly-educated people insist that mankind (who can achieve nothing without intelligent design) came into being by mere accident. All will have to admit that, if man did not come into being by intelligent design by a Super-intelligent Designer, then man truly is a mere accident. Life itself is an accident. There is no such thing, then, as love, because love (true love) suggests purpose. And purpose points to deliberate design
Even the church-owned-and-operated-college which I attended taught the evolution theory. They tried to tie evolution into the Bible account, but failed miserably to do so. It is embarrassing to think that any church, let alone a large percentage of the church, would capitulate to worldly pressure and not only accept evolution, but actually push that lie on their own church members. I do not envy such hypocrites, because…
     God does existthe God of the Bible. And not only does He exist, but He has lost none of His power. There is also a devil and sin and accountability. Hiding the facts does not alter the facts. It merely deceives people and lines them up for judgment, which is sure to come, and that in the not-too-distant future. Get back to the Bible!
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