James Irby’s wide range of experience makes him best choice for Lauderdale Circuit Judge Place 2

Florence Attorney James Irby

Florence Attorney James Irby

Based upon James Elwyn Irby’s wide and diverse range of legal experience trying cases in Circuit Court, Shoals Insider endorses James Elwyn Irby for Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Place 2.

As our readers well know, criminal law is only a portion of the cases tried in Lauderdale County Circuit Court. The Circuit Court also handles a variety of other cases including but not limited to Nursing Home Death cases, Nursing Home Abuse cases, Elder Law, Family Law, Divorce Law, Child Custody Law and Business Law, etc.

James Elwyn Irby is a very successful lawyer in private practice here in Florence who brings the wide range of experience that we need in our Circuit Court.

June Shell of Florence says, “James Irby’s values fit Lauderdale County well. He is a committed Christian, values hard work, and is a true judicial conservative,”


Lauderdale County needs someone of unwavering faith and beliefs that is not afraid to do the next right thing and stand up to the status quo.

Irby has also been endorsed by the Alabama Republican Assembly.

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