Muscle Shoals Music and 3614 Jackson Highway

Because of the rich musical heritage of the area I’ve decided to play songs, videos, and whole albums that were recorded here in the Shoals.

First up, Cher’s Album from 1969 that was named after he studio it was recorded in 1969, 3164 Jackson Highway. Although it was a commercial failure, probably because it’s mostly covers and departs from Cher’s previous works, it received a lot of critical support and most musicians love it. Critics say it is one of her best albums. It’s not very pop, like other Cher albums. It’s clearly more influenced by Blues and the focus is on the music. There’s nothing on it that stands out like her previous hit song, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. But it is a good, solid blues album.

By the way, the studio is closed for remodeling, but you can still buy shirts and memorabilia at the site.

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