Tuscumbia mayor moves city contract to avoid personal conflicts


TUSCUMBIA–Mayor Kerry Underwood merged his accounting firm with King, Leigh, and Associates in 2019 following his 2016 mayoral win. Tuscumbia, along with many other cities, relied on the services of King, Leigh, and Associates to complete the city’s annual financial audits, prompting Underwood to scout another agency to handle the city’s contract once a merger was deemed imminent.

The merger that would produce Underwood, King, and Leigh was finalized in January of 2019 after the city’s business was moved to Hunt and Associates, Florence, at the mayor’s behest.

Hunt and Associates produced the city’s first audit on September 30, 2019. Our current understanding of the merger and surrounding events fails to indicate any impropriety on Underwood’s behalf.

By Elizabeth Reeder – Staff Writer

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