State investigates local cattle mutilations


FLORENCE – Special Agents with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) Agricultural and Rural Crime Unit (ARCU), in conjunction with Tennessee Agriculture Investigators and Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, are investigating a series of slaughtered calves being left on Lauderdale County roadsides. In each case, the calves appeared to have been processed for food purposes and the remains left behind. Similar occurrences have taken place in Pickens County, Alabama as well as in Tennessee.
“Our ARCU agents specialize in agricultural and rural crimes and work closely with local law enforcement throughout the state,” said Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier. “Agriculture is a leading industry in Alabama and is an essential part of Alabama’s economy and we take these crimes very seriously. ARCU is tasked with investigating crimes related to the Agricultural and they have been very successful.”

Anyone with information regarding these incidents are encouraged to call the SBI crime tip line at 1-855-75CRIME.

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