Florence Police Respond to Seven Points Crime

Crime in Seven Points.                                                                                     Crime in Seven Points.


Over the last 48 hours several posts have surfaced on social media alleging a series of “attacks” in the 7 points area.

The posts suggest a total of 17 incidents and that the police department is withholding information. The posts claim that they (the poster) were told the following, “They (Florence Police) claim if they put it on the news it might make the suspect flee from the area he has chosen to pick his victims.” Neither of these claims are accurate.


On 12/14/15 our department was contacted by a female who stated that a male approached her in the parking lot of a business and grabbed her arm. The female reported that she reached for her pepper spray and the man left the area. No assault occurred in this case. No other reports have been received by our department. Please rest assured that if there was a violent attacker on the lose the public would be the first to know. Your safety far exceeds any other factor. Attached is the number of calls for service we have received in the last 30 days regarding Sexual Assaults, Assaults, and Robberies in the 7 points area. This information is available to the public by visitingwww.crimereports.com. This system pulls data nightly and is not filtered by our department. As a point of clarification, the “R” indicated on Pine Street was a shoplifiting call. The two “Rs” indicated near Howell Street were both theft cases, with no assault, where the victim knew the suspect. The “S” on Francis Ave is unrelated to this issue. We are committed to your safety and encourage anyone who sees something, or someone, suspicious to contact police immediately.

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