Alabama State Trooper delivers baby on HWY 72

Trooper Kessler with baby he delivered on Hwy. 72 in Limestone County

Trooper Kesler with infant he delivered this morning on Hwy. 72 in Limestone County (Photo: ALEA)


LIMESTONE COUNTY-On Feb. 7 at approximately 6:40 a.m., an Alabama State Trooper stopped a vehicle driven by Danny Lowe for speeding on U.S. 72 in Limestone County.

Upon contact with the driver, Trooper Michael Kesler quickly discovered the passenger in the vehicle, Shawna Lowe, was in labor and about to deliver the baby.

“Without hesitation, Trooper Kesler quickly acted and assisted in the delivery of the baby,” said Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier.

After delivering the baby, Trooper Kesler called an ambulance to the scene.

While waiting for the ambulance, Trooper Kesler helped clean the baby and keep both the mother and baby warm.

When the ambulance arrived, Trooper Kesler coordinated directions between the family doctor via cell phone and EMS.

The mother and baby then were transported to Athens Hospital, while Trooper Kelser accompanied the driver/father to the hospital to be with his family. The Trooper then went to a local grocery store and purchased flowers, cupcakes and a newborn starter kit to bring to bring to the new parents.

Secretary Collier continued, “Trooper Kesler’s actions today exemplify the mission of the Alabama State Troopers — to serve and protect. I want to personally commend Trooper Kesler for his swift actions and going above and beyond the call of duty.”

Driver Danny Lowe was given a warning ticket for speeding.

Trooper Kesler with Mom, Dad, and baby

Trooper Kesler with Mom, Dad, and baby

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