Caterer license suspended as salmonella outbreak linked to chicken


The Alabama Department of Public Health has determined that the Salmonella outbreak last week in Colbert County that reportedly sickened at least 99 patients and hospitalized 22 is most likely linked to a meal prepared for a wedding. Eighteen of the hospitalized persons have been discharged home and the remaining hospitalized patients are […]

Pregnant food poisoning victim hospitalized, attorney says responsible party will be held accountable

SHEFFIELD-Hospital personnel are closely watching the condition of a pregnant woman who was sickened by a recent outbreak of Salmonella from food served at a wedding reception at a Sheffield Hotel.


12 in hospital, 77 total sickened by food poisoning

SHEFFIELD-Authorities think food served at a wedding held in Sheffield this past weekend, has resulted in at least 77 persons becoming ill with presumptive Salmonella gastroenteritis. Twelve persons were hospitalized at local hospitals due to the illness. All patients are recovering. Signs and symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and some fever. The incubation […]