12 in hospital, 77 total sickened by food poisoning


SHEFFIELD-Authorities think food served at a wedding held in Sheffield this past weekend, has resulted in at least 77 persons becoming ill with presumptive Salmonella gastroenteritis. Twelve persons were hospitalized at local hospitals due to the illness. All patients are recovering. Signs and symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and some fever. The incubation period can range from 6 to 72 hours.
The Colbert County Health Department has been investigating this foodborne outbreak since
first receiving reports on Monday morning following standard outbreak procedures including
interviewing patients, obtaining patient specimens, inspecting the food source, and obtaining
food samples. Food and patient specimens have been processed by the Alabama Department
of Public Health’s laboratory. The laboratory has reported that initial patient specimens tested
presumptive positive for Salmonella. Food results are pending as it takes longer to process food
specimens. The caterer, Dalvin McDaniel, owner of Indelible Catering, is cooperating with the health department and is no longer preparing food.

Dr. Karen Landers, Assistant State Health Officer, states that the health department will
continue to follow up with patients and local health care facilities to ensure that affected patients
are interviewed.

“The health department’s priorities are the health of the patients, a thorough investigation, and
preventing any additional illness,” Dr. Landers said. “This was a private event with exposure to
the food over a specific time period. Therefore, there is no threat to the general public.”

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