What to expect when you hire a professional cleaner

It was the week before Thanksgiving and I was standing in the middle of my living room. I was so stressed and overwhelmed that I’m surprised all of my stress and guilt hadn’t materialized into a dark cloud over my head. I could almost hear the thunderstorm above me as I looked around at the absolute disaster that surrounded me.

Not only that, but I had pets and their fur was everywhere. I’m a working mom with two kids and my entire days have been sucked away by homework, school projects, cooking, and working eight or more hours a day. I was just so exhausted after being a full-time mom and a working parent that I just had no more energy left to keep up with the ever-expanding list of chores that was looming over me at that moment.

So I whipped out my phone and went in search of house cleaning professionals. I scrolled past several faces until I saw the perfect looking one. The only criteria were that they had to look as non-judgemental as possible. My house was a wreck and I needed someone who understood what it was like to be in the situation I was in.

I messaged her and told her that my house looked like a hurricane had come through the inside of it and waited for a few minutes to get the reply.

“Hi, this is Jasmine, with Jasmine’s Clean. When would you like to start?”

As simple as that she got to me and we set up a morning on a Saturday for her to come up. I was still so anxious about a stranger coming into the house and seeing the mess. I stressed that my house was probably on the top ten list of the dirtiest houses she’d ever cleaned and asked if she needed to see pictures of my living room and kitchen to know what she’d be up against because I was sure she would see my mess and run away screaming.

“Ok yes please, that would be helpful.” Jasmine texted back.

I had to take some deep breaths. I forced myself into this situation and there was no backing out now. She’d see my rooms and..what would happen? The worst she could do was say no. It was better to let her see what she would be dealing with and decide if she wanted the project now or not.

I quickly snapped the pics and sent them, waiting with a sickness in my stomach.

“I see. Yes, we will focus on these two rooms.”

Phew. It was done. Now I just had to spend my night straightening things in these two rooms before she came to deep clean my living room and kitchen.

I know people joke about cleaning the house before the cleaner comes, but it is a real thing! I swear the amount of nervous energy that fueled me to clean up my kitchen and living room that Friday probably could have been used to fuel a rocket to the moon. I was really freaking out.

But Saturday did eventually come and I even contemplated cancelling out of anxiety, but ultimately 8:30 AM came and she pulled up. I had my pets put up in a spare room and she helped me clean up and organize those two rooms.

The experience was actually really good. Jasmine was very nice and polite. She was down to earth and we talked like friends while she cleaned and I picked a few things up here and there and we figured out where to actually place things together. She assured me my house was not a crazy awful mess, but just in need of some organizing and I felt so much better.

By the time she finished, I felt like I could breathe in my own home and I was ready to tackle the mountain of laundry I had waiting for me.

All in all, it was a great experience and I am planning to hire her again to assist me with cleaning again. Honestly, I have to remind myself that cleaning professionals are just people like you and me who have homes and lives and problems just like each and every one of us. We’re literally hiring them to help us clean and most likely they’ve seen it all already.

Staff Writers- Josey Maxwell & Dee Jackson

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