Capturing The Heart of The Shoals Part 2: Carver Commodore

This rock ‘n roll band is our very own Florence, AL They are currently on tour in the south and just released their second LP. They offer a heavy hitting guitar with traces of retro beats and melodic lyrics that leave you feeling like dancing all over the entire room

Once again I pop open Spotify and find their newest album “Welcome to the Modern World.” The cover art looks straight outta my dad or grandma’s record collection with a sky blue background and a red/yellow/orange arch. I immediately get the sense that they take inspiration from retro rock ‘n roll.

The first song I listen to has such a great dancy beat. There are moments when the music stops and you get a clap beat before it begins again. I feel like rioting and cheering and just…moving to the beat as I’m taken on the journey that is their new LP.

I love the way the vocals are mixed to sound like each instrument gets its time to shine and accents the rest in a beautiful mix that sends me back in time to my reckless teenage days of shows and dancing like no one else was watching.

I have to say Carver Commodore is unapologetically itself and nothing else. There is absolutely nothing else like them musically in our area and I’d argue that you’d be hard-pressed to find another band like them on planet Earth. I can’t listen to them without feeling positive and happy even when the lyrics are telling me something less than stellar.

These guys deserve your attention and I implore you to check them out on Spotify and their website. The band has four members who come together to give us amazing sounds.

They are Payton Pruitt on vocals/guitar, Phillip Blevins on rhythm guitar, bassist Daniel Clark, and drummer Noah Friedman. Give them a listen!


By Josie Maxwell – Staff Writer

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