Moore’s win a direct rebuke of Mitch McConnell

Justice Roy Moore

By: Jeff Roland

WASHINGTON, DC– Tuesday night, Republican political strategist Jordan Gehrke released a memo detailing how Roy Moore’s victory last night in Alabama’s Senate race was a direct rebuke of Mitch McConnell and the DC Swamp.

Gehrke states, “Roy Moore did not win despite McConnell’s opposition, he won because of McConnell’s opposition. Going all the way back to the Primary, both Roy Moore and Mo Brooks promised that if elected, they would not support McConnell for Leader under any circumstances. They won because of open defiance to the Majority Leader. This is simply unprecedented.”

Moore carried Lauderdale and Colbert counties to win the run-off on Tuesday. The Shoals Insider carried Judge Moore’s recent visit to Florence live on Facebook.

Moore told the Insider, “I am not praying to win. I’m just praying the Lord’s will be done,”

Gehrke’s memo can be read in full here.

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