History of Wilson Park and its Homes

As natives of the beautiful Shoals area, we have all taken our kids to see the breathtaking fountain. Or maybe, taken a stroll along the pathways after date night that leave us in awe. Or seen a band play while sitting in a ballpark chair visiting with friends. Woodrow Wilson Park has memories for […]

Protecting your Summer health

Hello again Shoals Insider community.

No doubt you’ve all been enjoying this beautiful environment we have here in the Shoals area.

Whether you work outdoors or you’re just the outdoorsy type, if you spend a lot of time in the summer under the sun there are definitely a couple things you can do to […]


Sheriff’s deputies made an interesting arrest on Saturday.

Lauderdale County Deputies Tyler Declue and Cpl. Josia Tukua conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 157 just north of Underwood. It was determined that the driver, Timothy Nolen, had a revoked license. The vehicle was to be impounded per policy.


Over 3000 gallons of oil spilled into Tennessee River on Sunday

Florence Police Department said Sunday that 3,000 to 5,000 gallons of diesel were released into the river and the fuel had begun to wash up on the beaches of McFarland Park and infiltrate the many sloughs of the Tennessee River.


TVA opens Wilson Dam for tour

The 90th anniversary of TVA’s Wilson Dam is prompting tours to promote its majestic beauty and purpose. During the month of August, they will select certain applicants to be able to tour the iconic Wilson Dam.


Woman dies at local plant

Victor Manuel Funez Cruz

On Tuesday July 11, 2023, the Tuscumbia police department got a call about 1p.m. about a deceased woman in the parking lot. The woman, Edith Margarita Martinez, 59, was found murdered at McVantage Packaging.


Kitten Killer in Athens

Vince Allan Griffin

Athens Police arrested Vince Allan Griffin on Tuesday 7/11/23 after identifying him on surveillance video. According to police, they received a call on July 6th saying that there was a dead kitten in a parking lot.


Annual Legislative Session Successful

Steve Flowers

The recently completed Regular Session of the Alabama legislature was a success. It began on a high note and ended positively. Why? There was plenty of money to spend. Both the General Fund Budget and the Education Budget had historic amounts of money.


W.C. Handy Festival celebrates 90 years in The Shoals

As many of you know, The Shoals area is known for its music heritage. Not only do we celebrate the life and accomplishments of W.C. Handy, but we get to enjoy all the other artists that come to town to bless us with their musical talents.


Entertainment District coming to Downtown Tuscumbia

As of July 8th, it is now legal to carry around alcoholic beverages in the entertainment district but only if it is in a designated cup and has the businesses’ logo on it. It covers most of downtown Tuscumbia and will allow people to walk around drinking alcohol on Fridays from 5 p.m. […]

Freedom Spirit Anyone?

For over 40 years, Florence, AL, has been hosting one of the biggest events of the year at McFarland Park. If you grew up in The Shoals, it may not be a big deal to you. But did you know, upwards of 15,000 people attend this event every year? WOW! So how does this […]