Protecting your Summer health

Hello again Shoals Insider community.

No doubt you’ve all been enjoying this beautiful environment we have here in the Shoals area.

Whether you work outdoors or you’re just the outdoorsy type, if you spend a lot of time in the summer under the sun there are definitely a couple things you can do to ensure optimal health this summer!

Let’s start with the skin.

The skin is the largest organ and the first to make contact with the sun all summer long. Obviously, sunscreen is important for fighting off harmful UV rays, but don’t just wear it on a beautiful sunny day. Many days this summer have been overcast and humid, and though it is tempting to skip the sun screen on a cloudy summer afternoon, the sun’s rays can still be quite damaging. The sun’s rays have the ability to speed up the aging process, causing wrinkles and sun spots! Even if it’s just an spf foundation or moisturizer, 5 minutes in the morning can go a long way. Make sure you’re adequately protected this summer.

Sunglasses can definitely be a fashion statement, but did you know that wearing sunglasses can also promote eye health? The sun’s rays can also have an effect on your eyes, even causing them to burn. When the eyes burn and peel, it creates “floaters”. These are the little bits of floating material that we sometimes see lingering when we move our eyes side to side. Those with light colored eyes are at a higher risk for these sunburns and for additional “floaters”, and there is unfortunately no known way to get rid of them. A good pair of polarized sunglasses with good tinting can prevent sunburning of the eyes.

Finally, you hear it all the time – make sure you’re staying hydrated this summer. If plain water seems unappetizing, you can try adding lemon or cucumber to your water for a refreshing treat. However, if that is still not enough, many stores do stock electrolyte powders that can boost hydration. These powders come in many different sweetened flavors and can turn plain water into a sweet and hydrating drink! Try adding some frozen fruit like berries or strawberries into your electrolyte boosted drink for added flavor.

There are many more tips to come, but for now here are what are considered to be the three essentials of summertime!

Getting outside and being active raises serotonin levels,and the Shoals area has so much to offer, but before you leave the house make sure you’re getting the proper protection, and taking good care of yourself! You deserve it.

Written by: Chassidy Haley

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