UNA’s Chem-E-Car Team Places Third in National Competition

FLORENCE, AL – The University of North Alabama’s Chem-E-Car team placed third in the 2019 Annual Chem-E-Car National Competition that took place in Orlando, Fla. This is the second time in three years a student-led team from UNA has placed in this competition.

“This Chem-E-Car team has been working together for more than a year on the design and performance of their car,” said Dr. Jonathan Sullivan, the Chem-E-Car student advisor and the head of the Chemical Engineering Technology section at UNA. “I am very proud of the development each member has undergone in that time and am very pleased that their hard work and growth was rewarded by placing third at the national competition. Over 40 teams from across the globe qualified for the competition, but only two teams performed better.”

As part of the competition, each participating team created a chemically powered model car and poster to be judged. The vehicle is allowed two attempts during the race and must display a successfully controlled chemical reaction. In addition to answering questions posed by the judges of the competition, the team’s poster also had to exhibit required information about the vehicle.

The UNA Chem-E-Car team members are Andrew Folkerts, Andrew Mashburn, Dylan McKelvey, and Jennifer Olszyna, all of Florence; Kade Lucius, of Greenhill; Alexia Sales, of Huntsville; and Tingyi Wei, of Hengshui, China.

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