Tony Cox is running for Lauderdale County License Commissioner.

Tony Cox Candidate for Lauderdale County License Commissioner

Tony Cox Candidate for Lauderdale County License Commissioner

I’m seeking this office because I want the challenge – to make this office the best that it can be.

-No matter who holds this office, you’ll still get your notice and go get your registrations renewed annually.

-No matter who holds this office, you’ll still pay the same price.

The difference that the Commissioner makes is in the expediency and efficiency of your transaction, and in the manner in which you’re treated while in the office.
I have professional public service and leadership experience that I want to put to work for you.
* Coach/Teacher for over 20 years in the Florence City Schools
* Bachelor’s degree in Education from UNA
* Traffic Safety Certification from The University of Montevallo
* Third Party Testing agent for the Alabama Department of Public Safety
* Master’s Degree in School Administration and Leadership from UNA

It’s been my job since 1995 in the Florence City Schools, to keep up with the changes in Alabama licensing, and to effectively explain those changes to the public. I want to work to improve the License Commissioner’s website and online resources so that you aren’t surprised by changes at the window AFTER you’ve waited in line. An updated and more user-friendly website will be a top priority.

In day-to-day operations, the License Commissioner’s office needs a leader to make sure that you get in and out of the office quickly, with exactly what you need. I will work to make sure that my team has the best tools and technology available to serve you, and I will see to it that everyone in Lauderdale County is treated in a COURTEOUS, EFFICIENT, and PROFESSIONAL manner.
As your License Commissioner, I will be the active leader of a well-equipped and well-trained team that works hard every day to provide you with fast and friendly customer service.

On November 8, vote for Tony Cox to keep the License Commissioner’s office moving forward.


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