The George Lindsey UNA Film Festival Selects Finalists

FLORENCE, Ala. – Deliberation is over, and the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival has selected this year’s screeners.

The Lindsey Film Festival selected 24 films in eight categories for screening during the 2017 festival, March 4 – 7.

The films are as follows:

Professional Narrative Feature

  • The Things We’ve Seen
  • Coat Check Lady
  • Khoj (The lost)

Professional Narrative Short

  • A Matter of Prejudice
  • Mother No More
  • The Hem

Professional Documentary

  • Waste Not Want Not
  • Faces of a Conflict
  • The Breaks: Centuries of Struggle

Student Narrative Feature

  • An Evening of Eternity
  • Bullet Vein
  • Honey, I’m Home

Student Narrative Short

  • Battle of the Brides
  • Icarus
  • Welcome to My World

Student Documentary

  • Adi | At The Confluence
  • Gardeners of the Forest
  • The Bus Trip


  • Hugo
  • The Fall
  • Jouska

Youth Filmmaker

  • Journey
  • Petrichor
  • The Loneliness of the Short Distance Runner

The youth category includes students not yet in college, the student films represent projects made while in college, and the professional categories are for those out of school. Vanguard is an optional category for productions that might not fit in short, documentary or feature categories.

For more information, including the soon-to-come full schedule: http://www.lindseyfilmfest.com/

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