FLORENCE– A Lauderdale county grand jury has cleared the St. Florian officer involved in a December shooting.

Shoals Insider has learned that, on Thursday, January 30, 2020, a Lauderdale County Grand Jury cleared St. Florian police officer Zack Tippett of any wrongdoing stemming from a December 20, 2019, shooting in which Officer Tippett was forced to defend his life against an individual who allegedly refused to stop his vehicle and allegedly drove his vehicle straight at Officer Tippett, threatening Officer Tippett’s life. Officer Tippett fired at the individual in defense of his life.

James Irby, attorney for Officer Tippett said, “We are thankful for and respect the thoughtful and deliberative consideration the members of the Lauderdale Grand Jury gave to the testimony of Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Investigator Brad Potts who investigated the shooting and Officer Tippett who also testified. Officer Tippett was thankful to be able to give his testimony of the events. After hearing the testimony, the grand jury voted that the actions required of Officer Tippett that early, dark morning were totally justified. We thank Lawrence County District Attorney Eric Jett who presented the case to the Lauderdale County Grand Jury after Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly recused himself from the case as his brother is the Mayor of St. Florian. Officer Tippett looks forward to returning to work and continuing his service to the citizens of St. Florian.”

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