Singer Ethan Sak Releases New Single With Powerful Message “Live Another Day” to Increase Suicide Awareness

LOS ANGELES, — The lyrics are powerful, the message is clear, the visuals tell a story even with your volume silenced. Ethan Sak captivates a global audience with his ability to interpret an unfortunate relatable experience by turning it into a colorful visual with a universal language. Many artists steer away from the controversial topic of suicide, but Sak felt the need to address the issue which has affected his life and those close to him on a personal level.

“Live Another Day” was released late October under “The Color of Music,” and has amassed over 50,000 streams in the first few weeks of release. Today marks the official world premiere of the accompanying music video. The adult contemporary/pop piano ballad is rounded out by a string quintet and other midi orchestral elements. It can be best described as the story of a girl who could have been saved but wasn’t, due to the lack of acknowledgement to her cries for help. The song itself is about someone who is too far gone; the hope for any listener that can relate is to serve as a reminder that people do care and they are not alone in their thoughts. This song will also help bystanders identify a cry for help and potentially be a lifeline for someone in need.

The music was written by Ethan Sak, produced by Anthony Little for MegaBite Music Group and includes additional production contributions from Jennifer Day Morrison, Jonah Hollander and Ethan Sak. The music video was shot in Los Angeles, CA with a cast and crew of 16, Directed by Owen Roberts, Produced and Edited by Melia Leidenthal, and Associate Produced by Linda Rosenthal Lopez. The lead part was played by actress Lacy Hartselle, and other video production contributors include: Adriel Gonzalez (Director of Photography), Quinton Rodriguez (Assistant Camera), Hunter Hulett (Production Assistant), Louis Weissman (Gaffer), and Ash Ortiz (Hair and  Makeup).

After learning of a friends suicide attempt which occurred December 6, 2016 and another friends intervention which saved her life by the simple act of answering a phone call, “a cry for help,” and notifying the authorities and her family; Sak documented his emotions through lyrics to help him understand and process the situation while also searching for answers that could help others. “Live Another Day” became a starting point to self-healing and has developed into a powerful prevention and postvention message to those struggling with depression, experiencing a tragic sudden loss of a loved one, and to help bystanders step out of their comfort zone and take action when hearing a cry for help. Though by the grace of god and human intervention his friend made it through to see another day, almost 50,000 Americans every year do not; this being only a small portion of the global stats which are forecasted to be between 800K-1M in 2019.

“I tried to convey a message of hope through the recognition of sadness. I feel that if I can express my emotions through a song, in a way, I’ve conquered the emotion.” – Ethan Sak

A professional review of this music video was conducted by Author Pete Key, and a variety of small group counselor’s, social workers, suicide prevention facilitators, non-profit prevention organization leaders and advocates. The professional response to the video has confirmed a successful intent to provoke conversation, process emotions and to encourage action as a prevention and postvention message.

When asked what Ethan would like readers to take away from this story he responded with the following:

“Just Live Another Day!” – Ethan Sak

More About Ethan Sak

Ethan Sak is an American Singer/Songwriter from Florence, Alabama. He has been practicing his art since age 5 when he was first introduced to the piano. At 13-years-old he discovered his passion and love for songwriting and within a year signed his first publishing deal with NoiseBlock Studios and the famed Gary Baker. In addition to professionally pursuing his music career from an early age, he was an avid tennis player, president of his freshman class in high school, and a graduate of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts program which was co-founded by the legendary FAME recording studios in Muscle Shoals, AL.  His original music is influenced by artists such as: Cake, Bon Iver, Jack Garratt, Son Lux, Hozier and Gem Club to name a few. Since the release of his first of 3 original singles over the past 2 years he has received attention from some of the most credible sources in pop music, landed in the top 40 on an official Billboard chart, debarked on a US national tour, and has independently broken 500K streams on Spotify. Ethan’s creative spirit, captivating performances and ability to connect with people on a personal level though his music and lyrics, have helped him cultivate an organic global following of dedicated fans that stream his music over 40K times a month. In addition to his creative side, Ethan Sak is a business owner and launched his own indie record label “The Color of Music,” which is the interpretation of how Sak hears music; in color. He is currently in the studio working on his first independent EP which will be released later this year.

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