Rick Revel, That Muscle Shoals Sound

Rick Revel, though a native of Paris, TN, has a prominent place in The Shoals area. His newest song release, “That Muscle Shoals Sound”, features the iconic Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, his incredible journey, and the admiration he had for Jimmy Johnson and The Swampers.

Revel got his start in the music scene at the very young age of 12. Over the years, he has written over 1500 songs. Not only does Rick write music, but he also performs, and has worked with many people as an independent artist. Some of these artists include the great Loretta Lynn, Pat Boone, and Charlie Daniels, just to name a few. He also has a show on AME-TV called History Highway.

His latest song, “That Muscle Shoals Sound” , is about the famous Muscle Shoals sound of music recorded for the last 50 years. Rick worked with John David Thompson and Becky Johnson to produce and promote this iconic sound. Rick also recorded “Father of the Blues”, which tells the story of W.C.Handy. Which all of us in The Shoals know, and celebrate his legendary music in our W.C.Handy Festival every year in July for the last 50 years. “Father of the Blues” won the Best Mississippi Blues Award. And Rick has won many other awards for his music along the way!!

He is a man with many talents creating a memory for Muscle Shoals and The Shoals area. Revel said, “When your last name is Revel, by definition literally means musical celebration, you best be ready to live up to it.”

In History Highway, Revel travels all over the country in a yellow ‘55 Chevy, visiting historical markers all over the country, telling the story of how and why they are historical. He also does reenactments of the people and the fabulous stories the markers represent.

Looking into 2024, The future looks bright for Rick Revel with his new releases of his music and online content. Make Sure you check out his bio at www.rickrevel.com and DEFINITELY check out his music, especially “That Muscle Shoals Sound”and “Father of the Blues”. Support his music!!The songs represent so much culture and history of our area!!!

As Loretta Lynn said best, “Rick is an entertainers entertainer”…Well said Loretta


Story by: Lyndsey Pierce Wilson

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