Photos of hair pulling draws outrage on Facebook, father being investigated by police

Photos of this father pulling his daughter's hair has created a stir on FB

Photos of this father pulling his daughter’s hair has created a stir on FB

The Cleveland, Texas Police Department has received numerous calls in regards to a child having her hair pulled Monday night at the Cleveland Wal-Mart.

A shopper took the photo that has caused an outrage among Facebook users. ┬áThe person reportedly asked the father to let go of the daughter’s hair and was told to “mind her own business”. After the argument escalated, the shopper then called police to report the incident and was initially told unless there was evidence of physical abuse, nothing could be done and the father “has a right to discipline his children,”

After an onslaught of callers and complaints, the police issued a statement saying, “We want to assure the community this case is currently being investigated by our Detective Division. Child Protective Services has been contacted per our policy and is also investigating this case. A joint investigation is currently being conducted by both agencies.”

Authorities in Texas have yet to give an update on the investigation.

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