Man hospitalized with flesh-eating bacteria from Tennessee River

Lesions from the necrotizing fasciitis (FB)

FLORENCE–A man has been admitted to the North Alabama Medical Center and is undergoing surgery to treat flesh-eating bacteria that the man contracted from the Tennessee River on July 6th when he went kayaking.

The man, Ricky Rutherford, reportedly went kayaking and symptoms started two days later on July 8th.

Ricky Rutherford’s wife Cassey took to Facebook warning Shoals Area residents to stay out of the Tennessee River.

Dr. Karen Landers of the Colbert County Health Department tells ShoalsInsider.com that people with wounds or abrasions should stay away from bodies of water like lakes or rivers. “Bacteria are ubiquitous in area rivers and creeks,” said Landers.

Dr. Landers continued, “Always wash after swimming or getting into the water,”

Rutherford is in the Intensive Care Unit at North Alabama Medical Center in Florence.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Rutherford and his family.

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