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The dry river bed will pave the way for those kings and their armies, but the kings who cross it will have to be persuaded to follow the Antichrist to that final battle. Now, remember, John saw what will happen in the spirit realm, before it manifests on the earth. Daniel 10:12-14 and 20 inform us that what happens in the spirit realm affects what happens on the planet. The answer to Daniel’s prayer was on its way from heaven, but heaven’s courier, the good angel Gabriel, was hindered by one of the fallen angels, identified as the angelic Prince of Persia. Daniel’s prayer-answer being released on the first day he prayed, because of that angelic hinderance it took 21 days to arrive. That proves that we have to exercise some patience, and hold onto our faith, when the answers to our prayers do not materialize immediately. I am glad Daniel held on!     What did John see in the spirit realm? Three demonic spirits that looked like frogs coming out of the mouths of the dragon (the devil), the beast (Antichrist), and the false prophet. The devil and those two men will command demonic spirits to go persuade all the kings around the globe to gather together to battle at Jerusalem. They will perform persuasive false miracles to convince those kings to believe in and follow the Antichrist into the battle. Second Thessalonians 2:9, referring to that Tribulation Time, says that by Satan’s power the Antichrist will perform lying wonders to deceive the whole world.     John saw the impact that demonic activity will have upon earth. The Antichrist and his armies will put themselves in battle array just outside Jerusalem, planning to wipe out the Jews once and for all. You can read about all that in Revelation 16:12-16.        That seventh and last bowl judgment is revealed in Revelation 16:17, and following. It will be the most destructive of all the plages:

For an earthquake will occur that will affect the whole planet—the most powerful earthquake the world has ever known. That quake will begin in the city of Jerusalem, but will violently shake this entire globe. The damage will be beyond calculation. The cities of the nations will fall (Revelation 16:19). When motion pictures give us a panoramic view of city skylines, with their magnificent skyscrapers—and every major city has lots of skyscrapers—I think about John’s vision of that end-time event. All of those buildings will come down. Can you imagine the fear and chaos when the medical facilities are not only overwhelmed by those multitudes of injured, but are even more unable to help the hurting because the facilities themselves are destroyed? No place to go for help! Rejecting God and the Gospel is most unwise!     But, there is more to that final bowl judgment. John saw that “every island will flee away, and the mountains will not be found.” Therefore, not only manmade edifices will be massively destroyed, there will be major worldwide geographical upheavals as well.      And, there is more still. Hail of an unimaginable size. I have heard about hailstones being as big as softballs, but that last hailstorm will produce hailstones weighing close to a hundred pounds. A hailstone the size of a baseball went through my cousin’s roof. What damage would one weighing a hundred pounds do to men, animals, or property? And the hailstones in the Revelation prophecy will be literal. Not only does the book of Revelation record such, but Ezekiel 38:22, which is a prophecy of that end-time event, mentions hail as one of the hazards of that final battle. Look at Revelation 16:21.    
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