Ivey authorizes using National Guard if protests become violent

MONTGOMERY – Gov. Kay Ivey announced today she has given the authorization to activate up to 1,000 Alabama National Guard members if needed to respond to violent protesters.

Ivey released a statement saying she gave the authorization to Adjutant General Sheryl Gordon as a “preparedness measure.”
“While there is no immediate need for us to deploy our Guard, I have given authorization to Adjutant General Sheryl Gordon to be on standby, should our local and state law enforcement need additional support,” the governor stated in the release. ““The Alabama National Guard stands ready to assist when peaceful protests become violent and dangerous to our public safety. I will always support the right of the people of Alabama to peacefully lift your voices in anger and frustration. However, we will not allow our cities to become a target for those, especially from other states, who choose to use violence and destruction to make their point.”

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