Ft. Morgan carries a death punch

FORT MORGAN, Ala. – Three people confirmed dead , Ft Morgan, AL. Kevin Rose, of Huntsville, passed away about 2:36pm, on 6/24/23. Also, a Texas man, and Georgia man, passed away, all protecting kids.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Officer assisted the Fort Morgan Volunteer Fire Department in multiple rescues. They did the best they could to make sure everyone survived.

“It was three fire trucks, an ambulance, and then life flight landed right on the street back there – they sat there for about 30 minutes and loaded somebody up and flew off,” said Paul Higgins, vacationing from Huntsville.

“We kind of put in on hold and watched because we did not know – if it was a shark attack or water or the heat – we didn’t know if some got overheated because it’s been hot. So we didn’t know – we kind of waited once it settled down,” recalled Higgins.

Two other witnesses,who were still shaken by what they saw, tell us the man appeared to be trying to rescue his son, who was in distress. They say the son eventually made it to safety to the sandbar — but the men was caught in the rip current. Obviously, flags need to be taken serious. No One should have died.

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