Former jewelry store owner gets four months in jail, three years probation

Charlotte Killen (Photo: LCDC)

Charlotte Killen (Photo: LCDC)

FLORENCE — Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Mike T. Jones, this morning, sentenced a former jewelry store owner to 46 months in prison on theft charges.

The charges allege Charlotte Killen, 60, of  Killen, took jewelry and items in on consignment at her jewelry store and never paid for or returned the items to the customers. Authorities say she simply sold the jewelry and kept the money.

Killen will have to serve four months in the Lauderdale County Detention Center and three years in Community Corrections where Killen will be under the direct supervision of a probation officer.

Killen must pay almost $40,000 in restitution. She is also the defendant in a civil suit seeking money, where Killen reportedly defaulted on a sizable loan.


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