Florence businessman cleared of charges

Ira Kneeland Hibbett Jr.

A Florence businessman who was accused, arrested and charged in Baldwin County, AL with child enticement in 2015 has been cleared of the charges after two years of declaring his innocence.

According to Baldwin County courthouse personnel, in April of 2017, Ira Kneeland Hibbett Jr.,51, of Florence, was cleared of a child enticement charge.

Dennis Knizley, Esq., Hibbett’s criminal attorney at the time, stated that these charges should not have ‘been brought against Mr. Hibbett.’

The Baldwin County Judge, the new District Attorney, and the Prosecutor all agreed that this was not a case of child enticement. Knizley also stated this situation was misinterpreted and greatly exaggerated. “We always felt the charges were not deserved.”

According to Baldwin County courthouse records, the original charge was reduced to a single Misdemeanor charge of Harassment of Communications.

Hibbett, who now runs an antique store on Florence Boulevard, tells the Shoals Insider he is grateful for his steadfast faith in Christ, the support of his family; community, and his team of investigators and researchers.

“My faith in the Lord is the only thing that got me through this terrible misunderstanding,” said Hibbett.


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