Defense has text messages demanding money from accused

FLORENCE-An upcoming case set for trial in Lauderdale County for a Tuscumbia man accused of rape and sodomy should prove to be interesting. Some concerned citizens have expressed outrage that Brian Tyrell Boddie, of High Street, Tuscumbia, was ever arrested on rape and sodomy charges.

Boddie, who is represented by Florence attorney Charlie Bottoms, is in possession of multiple text messages from the alleged female victim demanding money to make the case go away.

One text clearly states, “$2000 and you’re a free man,”

Some time later the alleged victim states in the text, “No, I changed my mind, $5,000,”

She then asks the defendant, “What’s your freedom worth?”

The alleged victim has two children by the defendant and one on the way according to sources close to the situation.

These discoveries raise questions if the alleged 2015 incident occurred at all.

The case is set for trial in Presiding Circuit Court Judge Gil Self’s courtroom on May 8th at 8:30am.

The pre-trial is set for April 25th at 9:00 am.

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