Battle of Armageddon

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

After Satan failed to eliminate the infant Seed of the woman by King Herod, and Jesus Christ went on to purchase our redemption, the devil had to change his tactics. He could not stop Christ’s First Coming, so he is planning to do his worst to stop Christ’s Second Coming. You see, God has prophesied that Jesus Christ will set His foot upon the Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14:4), and split the mountain, dividing it to the North and South, in order to make a path for some of the Jews to escape the Antichrist’s advancing armies just before the battle of Armageddon—The battle of all battles in the entire history of the human race—Blood up to the horse bridles for almost 200 miles.

Obviously millions of people will die in that battle, when Christ will slaughter multitudes with the two-edged sword coming out of His mouth. Back to that later. But now back to this,…     Two important factors must be in place for this event to take place. The first is that there must be an Israel for Christ to deliver. Satan could not destroy the line of the Messiah before He came, so he has tried over and over to destroy the Jews who produced the Messiah. Rome first attempted to annihilate the Jewish people under the Caesars. Then from the seventh century, the followers of Islam have tried many times to eliminate the Israelite people. Remember, there has to be an Israel for Jesus Christ to deliver. And more recently, we have heard many threats to wipe Israel off the map. And by whom? The same religious entity that has attempted it many times over the centuries. In fact, I remember as a young man seeing news footage of the aftermath of that so-called Six Days War, when Egypt, in the 1960s, came against Israel, to wipe that tiny nation off the map. I remember seeing the graveyard of Egyptian war equipment strewn over miles of roadway. Out equipped and outnumbered, Israel still won that divine battle!     Every Middle Eastern nation surrounding Israel is larger than that tiny slice of real estate—some enormously larger than Israel. Moreover, the population of those other countries far outstrips the citizenship of Israel. And all of them put together have failed for centuries to wipe Israel off the map. Divinely amazing!     The second factor: That slice of real estate has to be possessed by Israelites, or no Israelites will be present for the Savior to deliver. The Jews lost their land in A.D. 70, when the Roman army destroyed Jerusalem, and the Israelites were scattered throughout the earth. It was only after World War II (1948) that Israel regained their homeland and once again became a nation. But, even then Israel was not recognized by all of the other nations as being an autonomous country. And who were the chief opposers? Those same Middle Eastern nations that had tried to destroy the Jews before they became a nation again. And the land itself has been hacked to pieces. Those nations demand land in trade for peace. They get the land, but Israel gets no peace. More vital last-days info next time.
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