Suspect locks self in X-Ray room at local hospital while trying to escape police custody

Ralph Evan LeMay

Ralph Evan LeMay

SHEFFIELD-Police had their hands full when a Sheffield man decided to flee police custody.

According to police, Ralph Evans LeMay, 38, of 805 North Montgomery Avenue, Sheffield, escaped police custody repeatedly Wednesday as police attempted to arrest him for possession of a powdery substance.

Police say Lemay fled on foot around the 800 block of North Montgomery Avenue.  Sheffield Police Officer Simpson quickly apprehended Lemay with the use of a Taser.

LeMay was reportedly taken to a local hospital for treatment for injuries he sustained when he was tased.

Authorities say, while at the emergency room, LeMay ran out of the room and attempted to grab an officer’s firearm. The officer was able to push LeMay away and a foot chase thru the hospital ensued. One of the ER nurses saw LeMay running and reportedly hit him with a supply cart, giving police a chance to apprehend LeMay. ¬†According to reports, LeMay then grabbed the officer by the throat. After the struggle, LeMay fled and locked himself in an X-Ray Room. LeMay finally came out and was apprehended by Officer Cole and one of the physicians at the hospital.

LeMay is being held in the Colbert County Jail for possession of controlled substance and escape 3rd degree on a $15,000 bond.

According to Colbert County courthouse records, LeMay was arrested in May for burglary.

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