People become blind to Bible truth

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

 More gore: Not just at the hand of the Antichrist, but at the hand of the Judge, God Almighty. In Genesis, when the Creator saw that humankind had become corrupt, and had filled the earth with violence, He initiated another kind of violence. With a flood He destroyed all but eight people, and started all over with them.

Jesus Christ prophesied that in the end-times, nation would rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom (Matthew 24:7). Sounds just like the Genesis account. Violence will once again become commonplace upon the planet. Indeed, it seems to have already begun. Therefore, God will once again set into motion His plan to forever end violence on the earth.     

In case you do not already know, let me fill you in on a Bible Truth that apparently most people on earth do not know. There are three stages of people becoming blind to Bible Truth. And blindness to Bible Truth prevents the blinded ones from receiving the benefits attached to knowing and receiving that Gospel Truth. In John 8:31-32, Christ said that it is by keeping His words that we come to know the truth, and knowing that truth is what sets us free. Again, in John 17:3, in His prayer to the Father, Christ said that salvation comes by knowing God the Father and God the Son. No one can come to know the Father and the Son without knowing something about the Word of God—the Bible. Faith for salvation comes to people by their hearing God’s Word (Romans 10:17). Many people have never heard God’s Word and so naturally do not believe God’s Word. Others, however, have heard the Gospel message (some many times), but have chosen not to believe the Gospel message of salvation. That is the first stage of that blindness syndrome. Acts 28:27—Their eyes have they closed—so they blinded themselves. First John 2:11—Those who choose to walk in hate walk in darkness, and the darkness has blinded their eyes. So, the first stage of blindness to Bible Truth is a decision made by people who have blinded themselves. Matthew 13:15 is one more witness to that truth.      That opens the door to the devil to further that blindness in the unbeliever. Second Corinthians 4:4—The god of this age has blinded the eyes of those who believe not. So, Satan initiates the second stage of blindness to Bible Truth. But, Satan can blind only those who have initiated the first step. If he could blind anyone he wanted to up front, then no one would ever be saved. The devil can only further the process has already begun by the one who has chosen not to believe. John 12:40—He has blinded their eyes, that they may not see and repent and I should heal them. That he who blinded them has to be the devil, and the He who would heal them would obviously be the Lord.    

Finally, God gets involved in the blinding process. And when God gets involved, the blindness is final. Both Isaiah 6:10 and 29:10 state that God finalizes the blindness of those who have chosen not to believe so that they cannot turn and be saved. Romans 11:8 agrees. Second Thessalonians 2:10-12 tells us God will actually send unbelievers strong delusion so they will believe the lies of Antichrist. Also see Hebrews 6:4-6.     In Acts 26:18, Paul said that Jesus Christ had sent him to both Jews and Gentiles to open their eyes to Gospel Truth. In Ephesians 1:18, Paul prayed that the eyes of us believers would be opened to see our Christian inheritance. In Revelation 3:18, Christ urged the believers to anoint their eyes with spiritual eye salve so they could see.
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