UNA Looks to Strengthen Partnership with Northwest-Shoals and Other Area Community Colleges

UNA President Dr. Kenneth Kitts hosts group of community college presidents.

UNA President Dr. Kenneth Kitts hosts group of community college presidents.


FLORENCE, Ala. – Officials from Northwest-Shoals Community College (NW-SCC) were on the University of North Alabama campus Thursday afternoon for a special meeting.  NW-SCC President Dr. Humphrey Lee and UNA President Dr. Ken Kitts met to discuss ways in which both schools could strengthen their partnership with each other.

NW-SCC is often seen as a feeder institution for UNA and because of that Kitts said he wanted to make sure the two schools are doing everything they can to work together in order to make higher education a priority in the Shoals.  Kitts said that UNA is always looking to have more students transfer from NW-SCC, but the University also refers some students to NW-SCC as well.
“As the two institutions of higher education in the Shoals, it’s important for us to work together as much as possible,” said Kitts.  “And really, it comes down to one thing; we are looking for every opportunity to help people have access to education.  Of course, we hope this renewed effort will result in more students matriculating to UNA, but more importantly, this will show students that both of these institutions have their long-term educational goals in the forefront,” he said.
In addition to the meeting with the Northwest-Shoals representatives, the presidents and other key staff from Bevill State Community College, Calhoun Community College and NW-SCC participated in a strategy luncheon Thursday at Rogers Hall on the UNA campus.  Presidents Dr. Jim Klauber (Calhoun), Dr. Larry Ferguson (Bevill) and Dr. Humphrey Lee (NW-SCC), along with other officials, engaged in discussions concerning new student referrals, transfer enrollment trends and possible partnership opportunities among the institutions.  Kitts said he hopes that UNA can form better partnerships with all the community colleges in northern Alabama.
“When we work together, the real winners are the students; and that’s always our No. 1 priority,” Kitts said.

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