Woman2Woman: Connecting Powerful Women


“If you educate a man, you educate a family and a village. To educate a woman, you empower a nation.” — Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Woman2Woman is a vision manifested by Linda D. Law with the WHOLE woman in mind.

Residing in Muscle Shoals since July 2008, Linda is an actual native of Marengo County, US Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, Educator, Life Coach & motivational speaker.

Her Facebook group has exploded within the past year to include women from all across the world and from all walks of life. She has begun to get a lot of traction and attention. I got with her over coffee to ask her about the group and this is what she said:

“As a woman that has experienced the good, the bad & the ugly, I realized that it was all orchestrated to empower me that I might empower other women, all across the world & it has.

In life, we experience so many different moments! Whether they are chaotic moments or calm moments, whether we consider ourselves blessed at that moment or baffled by life! All moments were created to empower if we allow them!

Woman2Woman is just that, a vision to first allow other women to know that there are powerful women out there that’s looking for other women to connect with on a level of empowerment, a deeper level of importation & genuine encouragement!

Established 5 April 2021, we have grown to over 25,000 women from all walks of life, all over the world, sharing testimonies, prayers, words of affirmation etc!

We are excited and as the visionary, I am so looking forward to all this group will bring for all of us.

Our first girls trip was in August of this year and it was amazing. We went to New Orleans and we shared so much as strangers that connected and became friends.

Our next Girls trip is scheduled for June 2022 and we will be sailing from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas!

We will host our first women’s conference in April of 2022 in Huntsville Ala. All of this information you can find on our Facebook page @ Facebook/woman2woman!”

She is one of the most inspirational women in the area and I just had to get to know her a little more. Not only has she started this group, but she has her line of shirts, candles, and room sprays that she designed herself!

She says to “Come over if you are a woman no matter your age, race or religion to see what the chatter is about!

Always remember this & it’s our motto, We Are STRONGER TOGETHER!”

Josie Maxwell – Staff Writer

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