Florence AirBnb owners to meet with city over controversy

Eric Marchan – Staff Writer

FLORENCE– Florence Airbnb owners and transient short-term rental owners received a letter to cease operation of their single-family dwelling, accessory structure and property as a Bed & Breakfast, transient short term rental, rooming or boarding house.

According to airbnb.com “Airbnb, Inc. is an American online marketplace and hospitality service brokerage company based in San Francisco, California. Members can use the service to arrange or offer lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences.

According to real estate investor Alan Marchan, Airbnb is basically renting out your property as a temporary rental. It is used as an alternative option for tourist and visitor to the area that don’t want to stay in a traditional hotel. It gives the customer a more at home feel than a hotel.

The controversy in Florence is because of zoning. These Airbnb owners are in violation of the city’s zoning regulations for R-1 and R-2 single family residential zones. According to the the letters failure to comply will result in further legal action.

These letters are a response to address certain complaint about traffic, noise and stranger in neighborhoods.

There is a meeting this Thursday at 5:30 pm at the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism and Visitor Center where Airbnb owners and city officials will be in attendance.

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