Wow!! If you haven’t been to 360 Grille, by the Marriot in Florence, AL you need to go. The atmosphere is very classy and part of the room where the diners sit rotates “360 degrees” every hour. This provides a great view of all of the Shoals. Having been FB friends with executive chef Angel Heinkel for quite some time she had been inviting me up there and I’m so glad I went. She is a professional and my it truly shows in her work.

I was very impressed with her acumen of all things culinary, adding to that, she was souse chef at Turtle Point Country Point Country Club for eight years. We settled on the Bama Cobb salad. While not advertised as “all you can eat,” it was! I often eat the special or whatever I’m told is the best. The salad was magnificent with nine different ingredients. An artisanal blend of greens, grilled chicken breasts cut in strips, heirloom tomatoes, Point Reyes bleu cheese, Conecuh sausage, spiced pecans!!, local honey vinaigrette, and I noticed there was something not on the extensive menu, they had date and almond crisp added to my Bama Cobb Salad!! By far the best salad ever, with the Chefs, the wait staff, and the location to top off the experience. Maybe not everyone’s spot for everyday dining, a great spot for special occasions and out of town visitors or when you crave fine dining with a view!! This is the place you want to go and I suspect many a groom to be got on bended knee in this restaurant.

It’s truly an all-encompassing experience at the 360 Grille. Visually stunning, regardless of the weather. All of the best chefs will tell you that people eat with their eyes. The food was presented so beautifully that you knew your palate was going to be in for a real treat. The service was also another 5 star rating that catered to my every whim and really was worth the price I paid for the food. When I left I felt like I had been to a culinary symphony, of sorts, methodically laid out and presented not for the ears but for the palate. Don’t take my word for it. You have to check this one out for yourself.

By Eric Harris – Food Writer

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