Velcro Pygmies Facebook Page: “Fairly sure they’ve pinpointed the location” of missing brothers



As a service to our readers, we are running an update from the Velcro Pygmies Facebook page. 


Saturday morning update:
At about 8:30 this morning TVA shut off the dam giving us what we thought would be perfect recovery conditions. The divers went in and soon were faced with the unexpected challenge of the water level being too low.

They found themselves in waist deep water which contrary to conventional wisdom made it nearly impossible to search. Our 3 hour time limit came rapidly and TVA was forced to turn on the turbines again. This increased the water level but also created an unsafe current in which to dive. The lead agency has secured a specialized recovery team trained in highly technical extractions and they will be onsite by 11 tomorrow. Should their efforts be unsuccessful the TVA has agreed to cooperate and either shut down the dam again or dramatically reduce it’s flow so the divers can once again make an attempt. Based on the K9 unit they are fairly sure they’ve pinpointed the location of Jeremiah and Jacob. Once again tomorrow we will be welcoming all friends to the upper parking lot nearest the Tourist Center at Mcfarland Park at 9am.

Thank you to everyone for your unbelievable love and support. You can’t imagine what this display of affection has meant to Jeremiah and Jacob’s family. PLEASE keep the warm wishes and status shares coming. They are a large part of what is keeping all of us comforted.

We love you.

Velcro Pygmies

 ***Please keep Jim & Jake and their friends and families in your prayers.***

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