Vivity High Tech Eyes Now Available in the Shoals


With Vivity lenses, you could minimize the need for those pesky reading glasses.  And now, if you live in the Shoals area, you won’t have to travel to have the procedure performed.

Danny Lee, MD, a board certified ophthalmologist has brought Vivity High Tech eyes to the Shoals. “It is as close to your sight before cataracts that I have seen,” explains Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee is the first doctor to perform the procedure in North Alabama at Laser Eye Center in Huntsville. “Vivity gives most patients excellent vision at a far distance and great vision at arm’s length or computer distance. It also gives most people good vision for reading distance.”

The Vivity lens is designed with a new, non-diffractive technology that gives optimal vision in both bright and dim lighting. The Vivity offers protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays and filters harmful blue light rays from digital devices.

One of the disadvantages of other multi-focal lenses is that patients often complain about visual disturbances. These include halos, starbursts, and glare after having cataract surgery. The non-diffractive technology in the Vivity lens reduces or eliminates these visual disturbances. This is a major advantage for night driving.

Registered Nurse, Terri Sue Crittenden from Muscle Shoals is the first person to have received the Vivity Lens in North Alabama. “I am astounded every day when I can see the smallest writing and see at a distance,” she says.

The Vivity Lens allows users to see far away, at medium distances, and up-close – generally without glasses or contact lenses. Plus, the new lenses reduce nighttime glare that some non-Vivity patients have experienced.

“Driving is the number one benefit for me, especially at night. Entering heavy traffic or just changing lanes, I felt unsure. All I could see was glare around all the lights at night. I’d look around carefully and still never felt confident or safe. If I ever looked at oncoming traffic, I was blinded by the lights. Now, I can see at night while looking forward to oncoming traffic. I’m so grateful to have my vision back, every day and every night!” Crittenden exclaims.

Dr. Lee has been a pioneer in new high-technology care bringing several new techniques to the area. “I have a special desire to bring the best to North Alabama. This is my home, and these people have been my friends and neighbors since childhood.” Dr. Lee was born and raised in Haleyville, Alabama. The Florence office is located at 2530 B Florence Boulevard.  For more information visit www.dleemd.com or call 256-712-0337.

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